Monday, November 24, 2008


Look at this recent cover of jews-week (pro-israel zionists/globalists), THE NEW GLOBAL ELITE says it all but can you spot the subliminal OWL image too? The more you wake up, the more you will be able to see the lies and deception.

O-baa-baa-baa-ma is for the sheep. If you follow/support him, you will be contributing to the further destruction of this country!! This man is not even a Natural Citizen of America (technically he was born in Kenya and is not even eligable to be President). He supports the bailout of the banks (TARP 1 & soon to be TARP 2 the 2nd half of the "750Billion" bailout!) He supports the Federal Reserve and takes orders from them rather than listening to WE THE PEOPLE who are AGAINST THE BAILOUTS!!!! He is an advocate of a New World Order and supports things like the North American Union, NAFTA and is a member of the CFR & attended Bilderberg with Hillary this past year. He supports the lie that is the official story of 9/11 and does not support an re-investigation of what really happened that day inspite of requests of the first responders and those that lost family members that day. He supports Gun Control just like Mao, Hitler and Stalin and is for a domestic military police state larger than our current military to protect people at home from "domestic terrorists"! That's martial law folks, wake up, the only terrorists will be those that love freedom and america, get ready for riots and increased crime all over the US as the system continues to contract and squeeze us to the point of Poverty and Anarchy. Obama will go to War with Afganistan and eventually Russia, this is VERY VERY BAD - O will lead the way to WW3. Obama also refuses to talk about the genocide that is going on in Palestine by the Israeli Zionists as they attack Palestinian men, women and children and bomb them with white phosohorus!

Exchanging personal security (the right to own a gun and protect yourself from harm and/or government) for National Government funded martial law/police state programs is not the answer and those who give up Constitutional freedoms for protection deserve niether. Anyone that wants to take away your right to protect yourself is your enemy. A slave can not protect himself, a free man can. It is really that simple.

Police State/Tasers: The UK and LA Police Departments have recently purchased over 11,000 brand new model 2 tasers from Taser Corp. The UK is a further evolved as a police state than the USA as a whole but CA has been making huge progress under the Son of a Nazi, Arnold. There is a very likely chance you will see martial law in CA during 2009, are you prepared? Start preparing today, do your best with whatever and however given your current circumstance (something is better than nothing) all the while spread the word of what is coming to those around you.

Turn off your TV, it lies to you. If you do watch or listen to cnn, fox, abc, nbc, cbs, msn, msnbc, cnbc, kfi, clear channel, viacom, time warner, NPR, turner, infinity, etc.. "news" or as they call it "programming" just envision the talking heads as nazi propagandists or ACTORS (yes really, it is like a make believe stage if you look close it is 10000% fake) Also imagine yourself living in communist russia and china where there are no alternatives like a free internet to get important, real and true information. The evil globalists powes that be are in the process of censoring the internet just as they do in CHINA, in the future blog like this may not be as accesible as it is today. Reseach internet 2.0 to find out how they will use things like online suicides and online bullying as a reason to censor but in reality the truth that implicates their guilt of things like 9/11, Federal Reserve fraud and theft, vaccine facts and truth about poison pills AKA prozac, chantix, zyban, lexipro, welbutrin, paxil (etc...SSRI's) Fluoride in the water, artificial sweetners in gum, soda and other foods cause cancer (birth control pills are the LEADING cause of breast cancer but you won't hear that at planned parenthood.


All of spending, laws, regulation, military buildup, police state buildup, martial law preperation, containment camps, etc.. are being justified because of the lie that is the 9/11 "official story" about a few Arabs taking down buildings and attacking the pentagon with box cutters and airplanes!!! This is an OBVIOUS TOTAL LIE!!!! Watch loose change, again or for the first time if you still are in denial and/or ignorant to the facts. There are no "terrorists" except those that are right in front of us every single day!!!! To name a few here you go: OBAMA, RAHM EMMANUEL (O Chief of Staff and Zionist Israeli Operative), FEDERAL RESERVE & CHAIRMAN BERNANKE, PAULSON, BUSH, CHENEY, BILL & HILLARY, PELOSI, GIETHNER, KASHKARI, ARNOLD, REID, BIDEN, DODD & FRANK. The official story "reason" for the attack was that America was attacked by the terrorists because they hate that we are Free. Umm, huh???? Ask yourself this simple question: Who hates our freedoms.. better yet who is taking away our freedoms on the basis of protecting us against the terrorists that hate our freedoms? Answer, see the list of traitors above and you will see the real terrorists are the exact same people that support the "official story" that is the 9/11 lie circle jerk. Btw, Osama Bin Laden has been dead since 2001!!!.

American Patriots need to unite and put an End the Fed, this is the main root of all of our problems here in America and throughout the "free-er" world. Free-er, because we are not "FREE" in America, we are Free-er, as sad as that fact is, it is very true. The system tries (with much success) to make us think that we are actually free but sadly we are really not free at all but rather under hard-core tyranical slavery here in America and anywhere else in the world where there is a Central Bank, Federal Reserve, IMF (International Monetary Fund) Control. Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuala, Syria, Afganistan all have FREE MONEY meaning there is no central bank. This of course is why they are considered enemies of America, they aren't enemies of American's, they are enemies to the evil bankers (Federal Reserve) that owns America and the World IMF. Those who control the money control the people, American's don't control our own Dollar, the Federal Reserve does along with King Paulson who both are on the board of the IMF. Research yourself or just wait and see but basically the dollar is going to collapse and there will be a new currency similar to the Euro here in the USA. We will have the AMERO and it will come with the merging of the NAU (North American Union) similar to the European Union. American's don't want this, Obama the sheeples Dictator doesn't care, his puppet masters (Federal Reserve and Globalists like Brzezinski (key zionist) do and this is all part of the plan to a NWO!

The stock market is going to crater HARD this year, put a nice short on and just let it ride all the way down, you will be really happy a year from now that you weren't fooled to go long and hOpe. There could also be a bank holiday in the very near future meaning you can't get your money out of the banks! This will center around the voting of Tarp part 2 with the possibility of a unpopular veto vote by O as one of his first moves in office.

Gold and Silver - This is a toughy because the physical markets are low on supply but they are in parity with the manipulatable futures market. Regardless if you get in at the right time, it is a good idea to own physical metals for yourself because it is a storage for money. No matter what, it will be worth SOMETHING when the dollar is worth nothing or (for example) when you have to trade 10 dollars for 1 new Amero.

When the brainwashing starts to re-infect your head, you can wake up from the daydream by reading the links on the left and follow your own rabbit trail to reality.



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