Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O no, here we go!

All those who voted for Obama are simply VERY ignorant to reality and need a huge dose of truth syrum. Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss and after watching him speak and seeing all his sheep cheering and crying with joy, we must all realize that the battle for freedom and truth in America is going to be near impossible when dealing with such mindless fools. Do not give up, this is just the beginning and times will get much tougher, the more people that are aware of the corruption, deceipt and lies the "less worse" it may/could be.

Anyone notice Obama mention how America once landed on the moon in his acceptance speech last night? Kennedy is dead, Nixon and Kubrick are dead and the moon missions (which were filmed on the 2001: A Space Oddysey movie set) are a pure LIE AND NEVER EVER HAPPENED!!!!!

Obama is CLEARLY a puppet of the globalist system... he is either in on the deception or a believer of the lies himself (moon missions & 9/11 for starters) and just like his followers, he is completely brainwashed and continuing the vicous cycle of spreading false information. So based on last night's speach alone, we have a liar or ignorant puppet as our next President and he hasn't even taken office yet!!!!

When someone talks in support of Obama simply tell them that they were merely deceived by Obama and soon they will find out by how much when they are:

*** Standing in a soup kitchen or welfare line
*** Forced to foreclose on their home or file for bankruptcy,
*** Sitting on a crowded train traveling to a FEMA containment camp
*** Living in a high-rise condo in a downtown suburban area (America's future " government housing projects")
*** Unemployed and can only get a new job working for the government system.
*** In line for a mandatory vaccine (toxic poison) or government run hospital.
*** XRAY body scanned (completely transparent) before boarding an airplane
*** Video and audio monitored on streets with millions of new cameras.
*** Fined and ticketed by "green" or "eco" type of police for "crimes" against the earth.
*** Watching Obama lead us into furthering existing wars and entering new ones.
*** You get the idea....


UPDATE: Here is world economist Peter Schiff (One of RP's economic advisors) telling the hard facts on CNBC about what an OBAMA Preseidency means to the economy.... notice the 2 sold out media talking heads squirm and squander as he talks about ending the Fed, the US fake democracy and physical gold as a standard for money.

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