Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The world will be a different place tomorrow, assuming there is no funny business like recounts and things like that. Regardless, Obama is going to win so voting for McCain (SOLD OUT TRAITOR TO AMERICANS) is really not only a bad decision but also anti-American.

Obama, McCain are the exact same... The left is the right and the right is the left (both controlled by corporatists and globalists who also own the media), there is no difference when voting within and for this left-right psychological warfare operation system.

3rd party or Write-In is the only decision you should be making today.

Ron Paul's write in votes will be counted or another choice would be Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party (endorsed by Ron Paul). Neither one of these choices will win the election and that's okay. When you vote today, ask yourself is the candidate or law in line with the CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS? Is it for freedom, liberty and justice for all?

Obama will win and America will continue to self destruct into Fascist Corporatism, don't be one of the neo-cons in the future who will say (trying to justify a now regretted vote that could have gone to stopping this mess) "Don't blame me, I voted McCain", rather say to them "I didn't vote for either of those banker brown nosers who BOTH voted for the 850 Billion bailout"!!! Use this as an opportunity to share the truth and wake them up not only on the financial implications of the bailout to Americans as individuals but to America itself. THE INEVITABLE HARD TRUTH IS THAT we will be going into a MAJOR WORLD DEPRESSION and the bailout is a huge factor and culprit.

Do you really want to be responsible for a vote for a candidate who helped put another nail in America's coffin? Your coffin? Your kids coffin? Your grandkids coffin?

Starting tomorrow, it's going to get MUCH WORSE from here....Brace for impact now.

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