Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Eve - The end before the beginning of the end

Today is the last chance to wake-up the Obama Followers (Supporters would be an understatement as these people FOLLOW & WORSHIP him) and let them know they are about to elect a Fascist (Corporatist & Socialist too) dictator in the likes of ADOLF HITLER. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible to explain to them because they are under such a deep brainwashed hypnosis.

However, the message of truth can not be defeated and is worth not giving up on on because each person you try to wake up could be one less person as your enemy (who will want to throw you in a camp) when the time comes.

Obama has plans for a domestic security force the same size (or larger) as the US Military. These people will be supporters of Obama and will regulate, fine, fee and imprison you to a labor camp if you get out of line, speak negatively about Obama, aren't "green" enough and are breaking some global warming law that will be put in place, etc.....!!!!!

(evil deceiving) OBAMA WILL WIN THE ELECTION, HE HAS BEEN SELECTED AND MENTORED BY THE GLOBALISTS TO BE PRESIDENT, MCCAIN IS A SIDESHOW JOKE!!!This is REALITY and will continue to happen until more people are aware of what is going on in this country.

On the flip-side (OF THE SAME "FED" COIN) Here is a good video that shows the extent of brainwashing that the NEO-CON followers of McCain/Palin are under. A single "We Are Change" activist carrying a message of truth about 9/11 at a campaign rally last week. He was escorted out by some kind of secret service, CIA, FBI, black-water or elite security after the clearly ignorant crowd ripped up his sign. The truth is too much for the sheep to handle inside their propaganda fed mind bubble. Never mind the fact that his first amendment right to free speech was completely violated.

Just to be fair, Obama & his sheep are just as guilty when it comes to 9/11 truth denial and propaganda overload.

Plant the seed of truth now and if it isn't accepted initially you must move on (it may grow later), there is no time to wait.... BRACE FOR IMPACT NOW!!!!!!!

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