Monday, October 20, 2008

HOPE? CHANGE? We will get both for sure

In a few weeks it will be election day... Here are the only options on the table

OBAMA WILL WIN (this article is very disturbing but it helps shed a light on what is coming)
BUSH WILL STAY (Not as likely at this point but still on the table if civil unrest breaks out)

MCCAIN AND PALIN ARE NOT IN THE GAME OTHER THAN THE GAME OF NEO-CON SHEEP DISTRACTION (So sad but so true if you can see passed the brainwashing program mechanism)

These are such horrible days in a country that was once great. Congress has just sold our sovereignty to the Global Banks (Owned PRIVATELY by very very very EVIL people who wish to DEPOPULATE AND CONTROL THE ENTIRE WORLD UNDER A NEW WORLD ORDER).

YOU ARE NOT INFORMED BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS DIS-INFORMATION and OWNED by the very same banks and corporations that our "guilty of treason" CONgress just sold us out to.

The stock market is done, just get out and walk away and hord CASH and anything else that you may need for barter and survival.
You can do nothing and continue to look to the government to take care of you with ANOTHER socialist "Stimulus Checks" mind you these are only available to tax payers so if you don't have a job you don't get anything anyway!

Obama is going to give you both of the things he offers. The world is going to, actually your personal way of LIFE is going to CHANGE and not for the better. Why be specific with a campaign slogan though right? Are you starting to see how NAZI style propaganda worked in Germany? How else did HITLER himself have such a great following and supported by so many? The answer is simple. DESPERATION FOR CHANGE AND THE BELIEF (HOPE) AMONG THE MASSES (AMERICAN SLAVE SHEEP) THAT HITLER (OBAMA) WAS GOING TO IMPROVE THEIR WAY OF LIFE (Through social programs and increased government involvment with indivuduals and business).

And as for "Hope that you can believe in" ... well you better HOPE it is only 100 times WORSE than this!!!!


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