Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BRACE FOR OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS TERRIFYING and becoming more clear as these final "normal" days unfold....


OBAMA IS GOING TO WIN. Why wouldn't he win? He is clearly (and blindly) loved and rejoiced (even starting to see some who worship along with jesus-like images of him on glass votive prayer candles) by all of the ignorant sleeping sheep in this country and the world. The TV, Radio, Media, SNL, NFL and whatever other form of brainwashing will continue to play circle jerk with McCain and Palin to distract the neo-cons, soccer moms, joe the plumber & joe six packs. Not to mention that Obama's #1 donor is Goldman-Sachs (Hanky Panky Paulson was the CEO of GS before he became our guilty of treason US Treasury Secretary crowned "KING" of the USA (he who prints the money rules the...). GS is also in bed with the Fed and the global banks in fact they are the ones who CREATED THE FED and brought us into the first Great Depression along with JP MORGAN (England/London side).

Obama is also planning to ban all .223 and .308 rifles. THINK ABOUT WHY!???????!!!! Police State Martial law will be his defense when civil unrest breaks out so you better go out and get a gun TODAY. If you don't have one for ANY REASON you have been brainwashed with modern times propaganda that guns are something you should not have and trust the system to protect you not yourself, period. Why? 1. slaves don't have weapons. 2. Someday guns will be banned for purchase. 3. Because Obama America's Fascist (Corporatist) Dictator said you can't have one and he has no right to do that. 4. So you can defend yourself and your home from criminals (crime will be everywhere) 5. Martial Law Police State will try to take them from you (in the name of "protecting" you) or let you trade them in for some genetically modified government issued food and fluoridated water.

Basically to put this all into perspective here is a timeline of events of what is looking to be an actual IMPACT point.

-- Obama wins election
-- Christmas shopping season is not even worth honorable mention considering how broke everyone will be at this point although they may try to get a stimulas check out to people by then but who knows if they can get it out in time for Christmas.
-- Stock market will flatten out or even give us 1 more little dead cat bounce between now and when the American (global) dictator takes office. This bounce will give the sheep people a false sense of positive financial gain and when they should be really taking their money out, they will actually be spending it on Christmas gifts made in China or worse actually investing MORE into the market casino from HELL.
-- Jan 20, Obama takes office with an over the top extravigent ceremony bringing unity through hope of change to America.
-- Jan 21, 22 or soon into his term a Nuke or Bio attack somewhere but it seems likely that it will be on US Soil and possibly in Atlanta and then it will be BLAMED on Pakistan or Russia. You see this type of attack will be much easier to fool the American people because it can be planted (virus) and detonated (nuke) with all evidence immediately vaporized. They can then show some pictures of Pakistanis or Russians around Atlanta and pretend they did it and there you have it, another perfectly executed false flag terror attack by the globalist US government against its own population.
--Atlanta mainly because there is a large African American population living there and the evil satan worshiping globalist new world order elite would love nothing more than to sacrifice them in the name of their new chosen puppet-leader Obama.
-- 500,000 plastic coffins just off the side of the highway in Atlanta is also a big clue that something is planned over there.
-- This massive killing via a targeted nuclear or biological attack will bring even more fascist control and support to Obama. Dictorial control is by design per the Patriot Act which will also be expanded and gun rights will be highly regulated and finally banned completely.
-- Our globalist allies are in on or will go along with the attack against the American people and will have a new mutual "blame-enemy" in Pakistan or Russia. Perhaps we even get a return from the imaginary terrorist errrr boogie man errrr CIA operative... errrr... Osama Bin Laden.
-- The stock market will crash again but this time much lower than where we are these days.
-- Consumerism will be dead, the focus will be on how to survive in the newly CHANGED America.
-- Obama will start WORLD WAR 3 against Russia (just like the Nazi Fascist Dictator Hitler did).
-- He will have the backing of the UK, UN, G7, etc... The war will be entirely financed by the globalist banks on the top of the American debt slave tax payer.
-- Speak negatively against Obama now and you are almost considered a racist, just think about what will happen if you do such a thing when he is President Dictator in a post attack control grid lock-down US?
-- Obama will bring prosperity to all that follow him with a governement job working for the police state or welfare state. All government employees will get FREE healthcare which includes poison vaccines for you and your children.

**** Brace For Impact Now ****

On another note, it is sad to see the eye opening "JFK" movie director Oliver Stone be forced to sell out or be thrown in prison on drug charges if he didn't make some joke of a movie "W" which speaks nothing about the crimes against freedom by our current president in the name of fighting a war which has no basis and throwing our economy into the abyss with socialist economic policy and anti-free markets.

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