Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Mentioned last week that Atlanta, GA is looking to be more and more likely as the domestic IMPACT ZONE. Here is a bit on CNN talking about 5,000 US troops (3rd Infantry’s 1st Brigade) that were sent in to prepare for massive civil unrest in the aftermath of a horrific event. Not only is this VERY UNCONSTITUTIONAL (more like very fascist!) Could this be what Powell, Biden and other world globalist leaders and now PENTAGON are speaking about as Obama's trial by fire event? This is very similar to th Bush/Clinton government sponsored 9/11 inside job which happened during the first 8 months of his first term. This time the "enemy" won't be Sadam or Iraq or Iran (President Ahmadinejad will be out early 09) , this time it will be beginning of ww3 led by Obama and the globalist UN, IMF, NATO Vs Russia, Pakistan & Syria (China wild card?).

Obama is going to win next week, a landslide victory in fact. McCain/Palin are just a force fed globalist sideshow distraction candidates and voting for these brainwashed & sold out ignorant crooks is truly LAUGHABLE and PATHETIC at best. Ask yourself if you know more about these candidates than the talking points repeated over and over by them and the media? In fact the candidates themselves no nothing more than the 3 to 4 liner talking point they in fact repeat on any given subject!!! This is pure by the book repetitive propaganda distraction!

A much better and wiser vote would be to write in RON PAUL at the election booth next tuesday. As of last week, RON PAUL is officially a "WRITE IN" Candidate for California and many other states and all votes casted for RON PAUL will be COUNTED. In fact, your vote for Ron Paul could get him a few electoral college votes, taking them from the sheep candidates Obama and McCain.

Be proud of who you vote for, stand up for FREEDOM and LIBERTY and the CONSITUTION and request a write in ballot before you go into the voting booth and cast your vote for RON PAUL next week!!!

Elections are not about voting for the winner, they are about free thinking individuals VOTING for who they would like to see in the WHITEHOUSE and supports the Constitution and US Bill of Rights (power to the people). FREEDOM is not deciding between the 2 party candidates (selected by the corrupt globalists and banks) in a "left/right" twilight zone type paradigm.

Prepare your mind for what is coming... Brace for impact now.

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