Friday, January 25, 2008


* Rudy (who has yet to beat RP) is putting all eggs in one basket for Jan 29 FL primary.

* Huckabee very low on money, limits travel and cuts staff pay

* Romney, whose wallet is the only thing keeping him in the race, won’t say how much he has lent his own campaign, but indications are the multi-millionaire is willing to bankroll his effort with as much as $40 million to $50 million of his own money before he puts the checkbook away.

* John McCain scrambles for cash and is counting on heavy media exposure to spread his campaign message far and wide. He is hoping for favorable news coverage in the wake of his victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina and what he anticipates to be a strong showing in Florida.

* Last but not least is Ron Paul, the Maverick congressman who wows people with his message of liberty, Freedom, ending the IRS and the Fed, less government and bringing the troops home. Ron Paul's popularity is on a meteoric rise. Ron Paul raised more money in the last quarter than any other Republican candidate. Ron Paul broke the all time fund raising record for one day. Ron Paul has more than $22 million in his war chest and it keeps growing all the time. That means Ron Paul has staying power unlike any of the other Republican candidates. Ron Paul also has the option of running as a third party candidate. The Ron Paul campaign seems to have a stronger support base and more upward momentum than any of the other candidates. This race is just getting started, and if current trends continue, Paul is in a good position to nose out the opposition at the finish line!

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