Friday, September 19, 2008

Americans under economic attack.... DEFEND YOURSELF NOW!!!!

These are just a few things that have happened this week...

* SP500 Market crashed BIGTIME and plummets below 1200.
* LEHman Brothers goes Bankrupt but is then bailed out in a private agreement by the FED and Treasury.
* WAMU Takeover/Under -- This weekend? Soon, very soon so get your MONEY OUT NOW, especially if you have over 100k in that den of thieves.
* AIG Meltdown -- American Taxpayers forced to pick up the tab with no vote by congress (95% bought and soldout crooks too) or the people (Freedom Loving Americans).

Here are a few things that are coming or in the works...

* Short Selling Ban -- The media (globalist controlled propaganda brainwashing machine) will tell you that short selling is "Anti American" or "Mean" or "Making the market tank" but really it is not. Shorting (sometimes the buyer side of a sell trade) is a natural thing in a FREE MARKET, now if you are no longer in a FREE MARKET then things like shorting can be banned. Now with that being said, certain types of short selling, specifically "Naked Shorting" is very bad since it is and always has been ILLEGAL and basically is trading nothing by tricking the system into thinking it is actually a something. NAKED SHORTING should be stopped and is in fact ILLEGAL but the Chris Cox (SEC Chairman) is bought and sold and has turned a blind eye to enforcing illegal activity among the major brokers and hedge funds who openly participate in Naked Shorting and many other illegal types of transactions, insider trading and rumor spreading that impacts (manipulates) the market. Martha Stewart going to Jail is not regulation, if you can't see through that as a publicity stunt or globalist bitch slap, please wake up. Notice she is still on TV every day like a good little media whore distracting you with her baked goods or faux painting techniques between media/news brainwashing announcements and American IDOL!!!!
* FDIC -- They are next to implode and will be bailed out AGAIN by the government/fed/treasury/globalists who will then FLIP THE BILL to the AMERICAN TAXPAYER. The FDIC going down is a BIG DEAL; basically it means that the "insurance" that lures you into feeling like your money is safe in a bank is in fact NOT SAFE. Please for the love of GOD, protect yourself!!! If you have over 100k in ANY BANK, divide it up or move some of it out so you are under that amount. Gold & Silver Bullion is a great way to store and hide wealth. When, NOT IF, the FDIC get's bailed out by the Fed, Treasury & US Gov't it will mean that all the peoples money in all of the banks that has been spent and lost by the banks is now going to be billed back to the people in the form of TAXING YOU to make available the money that was actually sitting "safe" in your personal BANK ACCOUNT!!!!! This will be spun by the globalist machine as something necessary in order to keep the system stable and again will be done by no vote by the people or our pathetic congress for that matter. Taxation without representation... HELLLOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Market will rally up for a bit (1,300 SP500 maybe) ... until it stops rallying and then crashes so hard that it will be remembered for ages. This could happen naturally because the market is being manipulated to keep it from crashing or it will come with some kind of self inflicted terror or bio attack like the globalists working with the US Gov’t orchestrated 9/11 or it could come with the ego tripping US Globalist Gov't deciding to go too far with Russia and bring ww3 even closer to reality.
* Use this latest manipulated stock market rocket ride run up to SELL not BUY. PLEASE GET OUT OF THE STOCK AND FINANCIAL MARKET, CONSIDER THIS LATEST HUGE MOVE UP AS A GIFT FROM GOD AND SELL EVERYTHING INCLUDING YOUR 401K (TAKE THE TAX HIT), IRA & EVERYTHING ELSE NOW!!! (Even ask your boss for a forced retirement so you can cash out your pension (if you have one and are eligable).
* The IMF is going to be here in the US next week... they are the International Monetary Fund (also run by the globalists & world bank) who loan money to 2nd and 3rd world nations in exchange for their PHYSICAL RESOURCES like WATER, POWER, AGRICULTURE, MINES, INFRASTRUCTURE, ETC.... !!!! America is BROKE, we have no money, the globalists have and will continue to loot and rape our beloved America until we stop them.
* Martial Law & Tyranny – It is coming, just take a look at what is going on RIGHT now in parts of Texas after the latest hurricane. Yes, you guessed it, martial law, police state activities and curfews. Land of the Free eh? How free are you when the gov’t takes your gun and kicks you out of your own house to go to a containment camp. Meanwhile on top of this, you were forced to leave your dog for 2 weeks (so far) in your house without food or water to die. Yes this is happening now and no the TV, Newspapers & media won’t tell you. THEY JUST WANT US TO SHUT UP AND WATCH “THE PROGRAMMED ENTERTAINMENT” err NFL (check out the new all seeing eye logo next time it's on) LIKE GOOD LITTLE SLAVES!!!
* Spread the truth of this reality to those who will listen and move on to those who don’t.
* Brace For Impact Now -- Seriously, get ready because the great depression is knocking on our front door, make sure you are prepared (as best as you can because it is not easy) when it knocks on yours.

This serious video is by Karl Denninger - Patriot, Genius & Author of The Market Ticker, read his words daily for the blunt truth on the financial markets and how they affect you personally.

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