Friday, June 27, 2008

Dow Jones Index has worst June since the Great Depression

Considering that we are in a recession and heading to The Greater Depression, this historic DOWn month is not suprising. In fact, the SP500 is now at 1275 and falling rapidly, 2 months ago this index was trading at 1440 and just 9 months ago it peaked with an all time high of 1576!!!!!!! Starting to see a pattern here? Here's a hint, it rhymes with TRASH and happened in 1929....

Oil is now $142 a barrel and the issue is NOT commodity speculation/speculators like you are hearing on the main stream sheep media propaganda TV/NEWS/RADIO, the #1 reason OIL is trading at ALL TIME RECORD HIGHS (AND CLIMBING) is because the DOLLAR IS FALLING and OIL has become a quasi~currency since it is directly linked to the USD. The lower the dollar goes, the more it takes to buy oil (AKA Gasoline!), simple as that, just take a look at these basic charts.



The FED, US Govt, Congress and Banks are to blame for ALL OF THIS as they are bailing out eachother (BEAR STEARNS) and appeasing the sheep with $600 stimulus checks to be cashed in at WAL~MART to purchase more junk made by slave labor in COMMUNIST China that we cleary support (just look in your closet and at about everything in your house that bears their country's name). The more bailouts and stimulas checks we have, the more we will be taxed 'in the future', the (personal and small business) taxes, fees and fines will be so massive that avoiding financial devestation will be almost impossible for the VAST MAJORITY of Americans (except the globalist elite of course). Add this to not being able to afford the energy to heat/cool your house or drive your car and you get the idea of why a the GD2.0 is certain.

Here are some fellow Patriots sticking up for our rights and waking people up to the evil that is our broken financial and economic system.
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